For over 30 years,
Sefcik Productions Inc.
has pursued a singular goal:
Create memorable productions for the best companies in the world.


For over 30 years, Sefcik Productions Inc. has pursued a singular goal: Create memorable productions for the best companies in the world. Whether it’s a live event, video production, webcast, or design project, we enjoy making our clients look good at what they do best…building their businesses. To your success!

Meet The Team

  • Steve Sefcik

    Steve opened the doors to SefcikProd in 1986 (albeit, an apartment door). His goal was to help his clients succeed... and have fun in the process. Steve likes to say he hasn't worked a single day because it's never felt like a job. Conversely, his hockey teammates wish he would 'work' on his game a bit more (okay, a lot more).

  • Stacy DeMicco

    Stacy was SefcikProd's first intern back in 1994. We're so lucky she opted to work with us after graduation. There is no better designer and the list of clients who will vouch for this fact grows with each project. Whether it's a print piece, video graphics, or PowerPoint decks, Stacy exceeds our clients' expectations every time. The fact that she's so much fun to work with is a definite plus for the clients (and for us).

  • Steve Treutlein

    Steve... a.k.a. "Troyt"... is the production glue that keeps everything running smoothly. After spending a few years freelancing with us, he joined our "crew of vidiots" in 1999. He's an amazing videographer, editor and on-site engineer at our shows. His even-keel personality certainly comes in handy when he's handling chaotic and 'interesting' projects for our clients around the globe.

  • Clare Campbell

    Clare has been our office manager since 2000. She is the face and voice of SefcikProd ("Sefcik Productions... this is Clare!"). Our clients are assured of a friendly voice on the phone who will answer their questions. And for those lucky enough to work with her, it's a privilege watching her juggle all her tasks effortlessly and dealing with the rest of the crew. Sainthood awaits!

  • Christian Schuller

    Christian is an eleven-year member who brings his unique perspective to our creative process and lunchtime conversations. His easygoing personality fits perfectly with our eclectic and oftentimes frenetic group. When he's not gardening or playing king bee to his 20,000 honey-making friends in his backyard, Chris is traveling the country competing in national volleyball tournaments... and winning.

  • Chris Havelock

    After watching this elite roller-hockey player singlehandedly destroy Sefcik's team too many times, Steve decided Chris' work ethic on the rink would translate well to the world of video and meeting production. And it was true! "Havs" joined us in 2010, and is a non-stop energy source. Our clients love his enthusiasm and desire to exceed expectations with every project.

  • Kruno Spisic

    Kruno freelanced with us over a decade ago as our #1 audio tech. But his producing and directing talents quickly became evident and he joined us full time in 2011. Kruno is also a world-class jazz and ethnic guitarist. He's performed around the world (and rubbed elbows with Hollywood's elite), as well as at our corporate events. He wows the audience and us with his dedication to getting everything "pitch perfect."

  • Michele Bires

    Michele joined the team five years ago. She is our "renaissance" colleague. Professionally, she has been a producer, world language lecturer, archaelogist, and research assistant. She also speaks four languages, which comes in handy when she tries to decipher some of Steve's emails. Michele offers the perfect blend of intelligence and lightheartedness... and that is coming in handy since she added another job title: Mommy!

  • Doug Speer

    After more than 20 years with SefcikProd, our “professor emeritus” retired to his ranch in Santa Fe, NM. He promises to be available for special assignments when needed. Our clients appreciate his uncanny ability to see through layers of complexity and keep their productions on budget.